Yeast Infection Treatment and Yeast Infection Cures

Are you plagued by a vaginal yeast infection? Are you looking for time proved natural yeast infection treatment and reliable yeast infection cures? I am sure you will find proper home remedies for yeast infections below. For best results feel free to combine different yeast infection home remedies and thrush treatments.

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External Yeast Infection Cures:

Most proven and safest yeast infection treatment is the old home remedy Boric Acid. Boric Acid has antifungal and antiviral properties and helps to restore acidic pH of the vagina which is unfriendly for the yeasts. You can buy it in the Pharmacy. You may use it on different ways as sitz bath or as vaginal suppository but NEVER INGEST it since it is toxic for internal usage.
Yeast Infection Symptoms


You can make a sitz bath also in the bath tub:



Very effective yeast infection treatment is the usage of Boric Acid Suppository. Either you can buy it (order through Amazon) or make your own by filling the powder into a capsule:

Any time you feel yeast infection coming on put a capsule in for 3-4 nights.
To prevent a recurrent yeast infection Boric Acid Vaginal Suppository can be used twice a week for 6 months. Both sitz bath and suppositories are great home remedies for yeast infections.

DO NOT USE vaginal Boric Acid yeast infection cures if you are pregnant.


The external use of plain (no-sugar) live (acidophilus-cultured) YOGHURT is excellent yeast infection home remedy since it helps to restore the normal vaginal flora. ACIDOPHILUS tablets are also good preventatives for getting a yeast infection, since they support the healthy native bacteria in the vagina. Often they are able to cure lighter yeast infections.
You can use this yeast infection treatment during pregnancy as well.

YOGHURT tampon or pad or vaginal rinse


Acidophilus tablets or other Probiotics are very effective tools in fighting a Candida yeast infection. They are outstanding dietary supplements both in preventing and healing Candidiasis. You may use Acidophilus capsules as vaginal suppositories as well. Both are great yeast infection cures.


Coconut oil is a powerful antifungal remedy and is very pleasant yeast infection treatment. If you live in a cool climate your coconut oil will be solid so first of all warm the bottle a bit until the oil becomes fluid (e.g. using hot water). Soak an organic cotton tampon in coconut oil for a few minutes and insert it into the vagina. Let it in for overnight or maximum 8 hours. Repeat this time proved yeast infection cures for 4-5 nights.


AROMATHERAPY for vaginal yeast infection

We know several essential oils which have anti-fungal properties and are valuable home remedies for yeast infections:

Use any of the oils ONLY diluted as bath or compress. Lavender can also be used as massage oil for the abdominal area.

Some sources recommend the usage of DILUTED (1 drop in 1tsp of water) Tea Tree or any other anti-fungal oil onto a tampon and to insert it into the vagina. Be careful! You can be allergic to certain essential oils which can irritate the mucous membrane. Use the oil only if you are sure it is safe. Leave the oily tampon in the vagina for no longer than 4 hours and repeat twice a day. Yeast infection home remedies might be dangerous if used in inappropriate way.

Share Your Experiences from Angela: "I had been a chronic yeast infection sufferer since in my early teens. It was so frustrating right on through my adulthood. At one point it seemed as though they had stop coming as frequent and I was relieved and thinking that maybe I had outgrown this pestering annoying problem. I went to the Dr again and again to only get med prescriptions that did seem to work but they still continuously came back it seems maybe every other month especially right after my cycle. About 18 months to maybe two years ago I had stopped getting them I had some dental work done and felt that possible this may have been my root cause the cavities that i had. It seemed for some strange reason after I had the 11 cavities in my mouth filled they stopped for about 18 months. Then to my surprise around aug or sept 2010 they came back. Only this time I decided to do some research about home remedy's because as the old folks use to say nothing beats the old fashion natural remedies for anything that ails you. I read about tea tree oil and how powerful this natural remedy was. I went to the health food store and purchased oil and also the suppositories and was ever so pleased at how this took care of the problem. There are so many ways that you can use the tea tree to treat the problem also. It can be used in a douche it can be used with drops of oil and water on a tampon which ever way it works for you and you are comfortable. The oil can be used in your bath water also just a drop or two will do. I have compassion for any women who has been a sufferer of this annoying pestic infection. Tea tree is also good for any other vaginal problem is has very powerful healing elements also good as a hygienic cleanser I will never be without this stuff. There are so many other natural remedies out there that I have read about but this one seems to really work."

Great idea is to mix few drops of antifungal essential oil in 50g of live acidophilus-cultured plain yogurt and to keep it refrigerated. Smooth a thin layer of the yogurt mix onto a sanitary towel and wear. Do this for a week every morning. How simple home remedies for yeast infections may be...

DO NOT USE essential oils as yeast infection cures if you are pregnant.

Internal Yeast Infection Cures:

It is a good idea to accompany external yeast infection cures with internal home remedies for yeast infections like Homeopathy, Probiotics, Herbal and Dietary Supplements. Combination of yeast infection home remedies provide better results than single remedies.

homeopathic-bottlesHOMEOPATHY for vaginal yeast

Homeopathy is one of the most effective complementary methods. It is very powerful in Candida treatment as well.
Take daily

Take 3 pills at once, let them dissolve under your tongue and do not eat or drink prior and after taking the remedy for 10 minutes.

Learn about Cure for Ringworm...

HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS for vaginal yeast infection treatment

grapefruitGrapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) possesses antimicrobal properties: it has powerful anti-bacterial anti-viral anti-fungal activity. It has been used with very good results for the treatment of Candida infections.

Both are valuable home remedies for yeast infections.



garlicGarlic has been used since Biblical times for treating infections. Garlic has both antiseptic and immune stimulant properties.
It is most effective if crushed and eaten raw. If you do not fancy the idea of munching a whole clove, use garlic supplements capsules, tablets, or tincture.
In case of candida infection take 1000mg garlic supplement a day for a week. It may combat yeast infection alone without using any other thrush treatment.
Caution: Garlic is a natural blood thinner, might cause bleedings in sensitive persons. Do not take garlic if you take blood thinning medicines.

Some people just love garlic and they use 1 soft gel garlic capsule for the night into the vagina for 1 week. Make sure it does not irritate your sensitive vaginal mucous membrane.

Reader's comment:
Thank you for this site. It is refreshing to see a M.D. that looks a little farther. Concerning vaginal yeast, my wife had been bothered for years prior to our marriage. I got her to take apple cider vinegar tablets and the yeast infections and bladder infections went away. Sharing this info has helped others, also. Thank you.


Birth control pill makes you more susceptible to yeast infection. Some get recurrent candida infections during the usage of contraceptive pills. In that case it is wise to give up the pill and use other birth control methods. Giving up the pill is good for your health anyway.

Vaginal yeast infection


Starve the fungi, avoiding sugars, alcohol, refined foods, junk and preserved food, which feed the Candida albicans organism.

Eat plenty of garlic, at least two whole cloves a day. Eat a good portion of live, plain (no sugar) yogurt daily, to maintain the balance of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut, which help to prevent the spread of Candida infection. All the B vitamins are important too, eat wholemeal bread, brown rice, sunflower seeds, lentils. Get extra zinc from eggs, sardines, pumpkin seeds.
Vitamin B complex, zinc and selenium dietary supplements are also useful yeast infection cures.

When should I call the doctor?

If you are a woman who has been treated for vaginal yeast infections before, you are probably familiar with the yeast infection symptoms and can treat them on your own. Otherwise, always see a doctor to rule out other vaginal infection, such as a sexually transmitted disease. You should also get medical advice if you have an unpleasant or bloody discharge, which smells strongly or have symptoms that have not cleared up after a week of yeast infection treatment.

Hope you could find your favourite yeast infection cures from my home remedies selection above.

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