Traveler's Homeopathic Self Help

A practical and easy-to-use guide for the natural treatment of common ailments during traveling.



What is Homeopathy exactly?

Homeopathy works with our natural healing process and has been successfully used for over 200 years. Its safe and effective remedies (sourced from nature's kingdoms) are designed to stimulate the organism natural forces to fight illness and return to good health as soon as possible. The body is stimulated to encourage its natural healing process. With an ever growing number of people seeking a natural way of treating their health, homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medicine.

How to use homeopathic remedies?

Place 3 or 4 small pills on or under your tongue and allow them to dissolve. They have a pleasant, lightly sweet taste since they contain small amounts of lactose. Do not eat or drink 10 minutes after taking the remedy. In the period of time your are taking homeopathic remedies do not use aromatic oils and strong peppermint, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus containing stuff since they can stop a remedy working.

How to store homeopathic medicines?

Medicines should be kept in the original container away from direct sunlight, electrical equipments and strong smelling substances such as perfume or aromatherapy oils.

What is one dose of a remedy?

One dose is: 3 or 4 small homeopathic pills
of a remedy. It has not much importance how many pills you are taking at once. Big importance has repetition, when and how many times you repeat the dose.

List of ailments and appropriate homeopathic remedies

Accidents, injuries, traumas, bruises, wounds

Accidents do happen in any situation of our life and being on traveling makes no exception. So it is a good idea to have the right remedy always on hand.
The main remedy for accidents, shock, injures, cuts and wounds. Should be the first choice after most accidents, physical ordeals or any other traumas. Given early it will reduce swelling and bruising and acts as a painkiller. Arnica promotes healing, controls bleeding, prevents pus forming.
Also helpful in treating muscle aches of strained muscles after too much sightseeing, too long walk or any other over-exertion.
Take 3 pills immediately after the injury. Depending on severity take Arnica 30C two or three times daily for maximum 5 days.

travelers injury

Allergic reactions (sudden), hives, nettle rash (urticaria)

In a foreign country loaded with strange foods and spices a sudden allergic reaction may happen. Characterized by itching, skin rash, slight swelling of eyelids, lips, tongue, mucus membranes. Hives is an itchy rash, that looks like the lumpy skin eruptions caused by stinging nettles.
A violent allergic reaction causing swelling of the lining of throat, larynx and upper respiratory tract CAN BE FATAL! Breathing difficulties, wheezy breathing, difficulty in swallowing need urgent medical help!

Outstanding remedy for any kind of sudden allergic reaction. Main characteristics are swelling, itching and redness of the skin or mucus membrane. Symptoms are better for any kind of cold and worse for heat.
Apis is a quick acting remedy. After a minute of taking the pills symptoms must improve. The dose might be repeated every 15 minutes for the first hour and one, last dose in the second hour.

If you do not find relief after a few minutes taking the remedy seek urgent medical assistance!


Colds, catarrh, fever

During a trip we are usually outdoor, catching a cold is so easy in a cold wind or rain. The remedies mentioned here, are for a sudden, quick onset and for the beginning of a common cold or fever.

The remedy for the very beginnings.
The best medicine for the early stages of colds, fevers, inflammations caused by getting chilled in a dry, cold wind (e.g.on a ship). Complaints (sneezing, nose bunged up or earache or toothache or sore throat etc.) come on suddenly. During fever skin is dry and hot. Thirsty for cold drinks.
As you mention the first signs of a cold, take immediately Aconite 30C. If you were quick enough you have the chance stopping the whole problem. You might take the remedy once a day for 3 days.

A good remedy for colds, high fevers and inflammations after getting wet and chilled in cold rain or snow. All the complaints are intense and come on suddenly. Face is red, hot. During fever skin is hot and sweaty.
As soon as you feel getting chilled in the rain or snow take a dose Belladonna 30C to prevent a possible cold. If you could not prevent the outbreak of the sickness take the remedy daily twice for 3-4 days.


On travelings when we have to miss our well known and safe toilet constipation often happens. We just do not succeed on the loo. After a couple of days it is getting uncomfortable. It is time for a homeopathic help.

One of the most useful traveler's remedy is Nux-vomica. It can solve so many problems caused by a foreign environment, time shift or stress.
To find relief for your constipation just take one dose in the evening, before going to bed. I am sure next morning you will succeed on the WC. You can use Nux vomica for a few days in the evening to be sure about your stool, it will also help to get a more relaxed sleep.



May be the most annoying problem during a trip is diarrhoea. Caused by unknown, foreign food or strange bugs the result is the same: you are bound to the bathroom. You are not able to enjoy your holiday when sitting on the toilet permanently. But, there is help! Take the homeopathic remedy:

after each stool one dose for a few days
. Podophyllum acts so effectively that you should see improvement after the first 2 or 3 doses. Do not forget to resupply your organism with fluids and minerals lost during the diarrhoea. But drink only bottled, safe mineral water, since diarrhoea is often caused by unclean water. The best is if you drink black tea (made from bottled water) with little sugar (not honey) and some salt. You will see your body is craving salt.


Food poisoning, vomiting

The obvious result of food poisoning is nausea and vomiting, often accompanied with diarrhoea. This situation is more inconvenient than diarrhoea only. The cause is an infection transmitted by spoiled or improperly cooked or handled food. The danger of quick dehydration is serious. Act quickly to stop the loss of fluids and minerals and be cautious to rehydrate your body. Seek urgent help from your travelers homeopathic kit.

No.1 Remedy for food poisoning. You are vomiting again and again, feel miserable and prostrated. Even if it is hot outside you are extremely chilly, hands and feet are icy cold. You desire warm coverings and hot drinks.
Take a dose Arsenicum-album 30C after each attack of vomiting for one day.

If food poisoning is not obvious, but you feel sick, you are vomiting and have a diarrhoea choose Nux-vomica. Nux is the best remedy after overeating and drinking, for a hang-over and for a result of over-indulgence in too much rich or strange food. Take a dose of Nux-vomica C30 after each stool or vomiting.

General measurements for diarrhoea and vomiting:

Starve for 24 hours!
For fluid and electrolytes replacement sip every 10 minutes from a black tea made up with sugar and salt.
After 24 hours use this diet: eat only ripe bananas, boiled rice, peeled and grated apples and dry toast. Eat little and often for the next 48 hours, then add boiled potatoes, cooked carrots and hard boiled egg.
Gradually get back to normal eating saving all dairy products until last.

Insect bites and stings Apis
Jet-lag Nux-vom, Cocculus, Arnica
Motion sickness Cocculus, Tabacum, Cantharis
Sunburn Cantharis
Sunstroke Belladonna, Glonoinum


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