Toothache Remedies and Toothache Relief

Nearly everyone had been in a situation when some toothache relief and time proved toothache remedies were needed. That's why I made this pretty collection of well proved home remedies for toothache. I summarized all the well and lesser known old home remedies for tooth pain which bring toothache relief fast. I am sure you know, the best treatment is prevention, so take proper oral care!

toothache remedies


What causes toothache? Find below all possible causes of toothache.


Toothache Causes


Best is to clarify the situation with a specialist and tailor the treatment according to the underlying cause.

How to stop toothache?

Suggestions below are only first aid toothache helps of course.


Toothache Remedies

So, lets see now our valuable home remedies for toothache:

Our best old home remedy for tooth ache is CLOVE (Syzygium aromaticum)

Cloves for Toothache

  1. toothache reliefMost simple possibility is to hold a whole clove or a few cloves in the mouth near the painful tooth and chew or suck it. Brings relief for toothache pain quickly.

  2. Another kitchen option is using clove powder around the tooth or fill the tooth with the powder. You can empty a tea bag and put the clove powder in the empty tea bag and place this clove bag in the mouth.

  3. My last suggestion is clove oil for toothache: essential oil of cloves is a handy toothache relief. Rub the oil on to the aching tooth and around the gum this will anaesthetize the whole area. Don't overuse it as you may burn your gums. You can also dip a piece of cotton wool into some clove oil roll into a ball and stick it into the painful part of the tooth. Clove has antiseptic and painkilling properties which work immediately after administration. Within 5 minutes you should be pain free or at least in less pain. Cloves are great toothache remedies!

home remedies for toothache

Another great toothache relief and kitchen remedy is our good old GARLIC (Allium sativum)

Garlic for Toothache

  1. You can simply chew a clove of raw garlic, or rub it on the gums and the particular tooth for about 5 minutes. It causes burning and throbbing of the gums, but it is OK.

  2. Another good but not very tasty solution is to dip one clove of garlic in rock salt and to place on the affected area.

  3. You can also make a garlic-mouthwash: crush a couple of raw garlic cloves (4-10) in cold water (a glass half way filled). Swish this elixir around the infected, painful area.

If you don't have garlic at home, you can use a piece of raw yellow ONION (Allium cepa) and keep inside the mouth, it relieves the pain and is antiseptic. As you can see members of the onion family are great toothache remedies.


Share my experiences from Linda Anderson (Texas): 'I once had a cavity in a jaw tooth. I had heard that witch hazel helped with toothaches, so I rinsed with witch hazel. I also applied witch hazel to the tooth with a q-tip. The tooth quit bothering me and I forgot about it. I went to a dentist a few years later. He said I had a dead jaw tooth and he pulled the tooth. I later remembered about the jaw tooth giving me problems and ask the dentist if witch hazel would cause a dead tooth. The dentist didn't know if it would. But when I applied the witch hazel it felt like it was drawing out an infection. I believe the witch hazel worked for my toothache. I can't remember how many days I used the witch hazel on the tooth, but if you have a toothache give witch hazel a try.'


Golden Seal for Toothache

tooth painIf you can't stand the smell of onion or garlic, than you may try another toothache remedy - GOLDEN SEAL, the yellow root (Hydrastis canadensis) which is old folk medicine in the US. You can use a piece of the yellow root itself or Golden seal tincture - put it on the affected area (helps especially with tooth abscess). Leave it in your mouth as long as you can stand it.

Dentists often suggest an ICE PACK in case of oral inflammation and severe tooth pain. It helps with the swelling and keeps the infection from spreading. Put it 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. It is better using ice cubes, than deep frozen stuff. You may combine it with other toothache remedies mentioned earlier.

Learn about the ancient ayurvedic method of Oil Pulling


Homeopathy for Toothache

There are dozens of homeopathic remedies bringing relief for toothache. Without knowing the cause of the tooth pain I suggest following toothache remedies:

Take the remedies alternately every 30-40 minutes for a couple of hours - let 2-3 pills dissolve under your tongue. Use only if they bring toothache relief in one hour. You may use them together with other home remedies for toothache.

Read about Toothache Relief with sesame seed or activated charcoal.

Please visit your dentist regularly and brush and floss your teeth daily. If in spite of proper oral care you get a sudden bad toothache just try any of my toothache remedies above.

Tooth Abscess
The accumulation of pus in or around the root of a tooth is known as a tooth abscess. An abscessed tooth can be agonizingly painful and may cause the affected tooth to loosen. Dulling the pain and trying to drain the gum boil is only a first aid of course.

Cure for Gingivitis
Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums is tremendously widespread among modern people. Cure for gingivitis is from great importance.

Oil Pulling
As you know perhaps AYURVEDA loves treatments with oils, like oil pulling. A huge range of different methods exist for detoxing and healing several diseases. Oil swishing is able to cure gingivitis and brings quick toothache relief.

Toothache Remedy
Couldn't find an appropriate toothache remedy yet? You may find it in the following selection of homeopathic and home toothache remedies. I hope, you can find the right one!

Cough Remedies

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