Tooth Abscess and Gum Boil

The accumulation of pus in or around the root of a tooth is known as tooth abscess or gum boil. An abscessed tooth can be agonizingly painful and may cause the affected tooth to loosen. Dulling the pain and trying to drain the gum boil with the help of home remedies - is only a first aid of course. You must visit a dentist as soon as possible!

What are the symptoms of an abscess tooth or gum boil?

Tooth Abscess Symptoms

If the infection spreads to the surrounding tissues, your face may become swollen and fever can develop. Gum boil or tooth abscess can be a serious condition so be cautious and act quickly.

If you suspect you have an abscessed tooth you should consult your dentist as soon as possible!

tooth abscessHome remedies for tooth abscess can help to burst the gum boil, disinfect and clean the surrounding area. BUT even then a visit at the dentist is inevitable!

External treatments for abscess tooth:

An abscessed tooth is always a severe condition and needs medical assistance but as a first aid you may try following simple multiple treatments and old home remedies:

  1. Place a dry black tea bag or small piece of raw potato inside of your cheek against the sore tooth and keep it in for a couple of hours or overnight. Maybe the tea bag is a better solution. It can draw out the infection and drain the pus. The result is diminished pain and swelling.

  2. Make a gum poultice or packing around the painful tooth with salt and baking soda mixture. Mix half baking soda and half cooking salt and dip a wet cotton ball into the mixture and stuff it in your mouth between sick tooth and cheek. Keep it in for several hours or even overnight. Repeat this pack for a few times, it is able to drain out the gum boil.

  3. In between swish around your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide 1,5% solution as a mouthwash in order to disinfect the inflamed area of the gum boil. If you do not prefer or do not have access to Hydrogen Peroxide, you may also use Tea Tree essential oil in some water as a gargle. (You can try undiluted Colloidal Silver or Grapefruit Seed Extract as natural antibiotics as well.)

  4. If the abscess opens up it begins to discharge, and pus is coming out, you feel an odd taste in your mouth. Immediately brush your teeth (perhaps with a baking soda/peroxide mixture or toothpaste) and repeat the disinfectant H2O2 gargle. After rinsing your mouth take a cotton ball and soak it in Hydrogen Peroxide solution and place it onto the opened, discharging abscess.

  5. You can assist the drainage of the gum boil by lightly pushing against your cheek near the tooth abscess. BUT only lightly! If you press strongly you may push pus into the bloodstream or nearby tissues which can cause a more serious infection. Be very cautious.

  6. You may take 3 or 4 garlic capsules (300mg) a day for 5 days as natural antibiotics and Vitamin C 1000mg three times a day for 3 days in order to promote healing.

  7. Consult with a dentist to start appropriate antibiotics if needed and to check status of the abscessed tooth.

An oral infection, like tooth abscess or gum boil is a serious condition and can cause problems in other areas of the body, such as inflammation of the heart or joints. Sometimes it is associated with outbreaks of acne on the skin. Learn about home remedies for cystic acne. Seeking medical help is always essential.

Share your experience: "Had horrible huge gum boil. Affecting my eye, my face was so swollen. Used the remedy I found here of salt (I used sea salt & baking soda). Amazing result after a few hours. Swelling all gone! Thank you so much. I am very grateful I found this site & will recommend to others. Love & peace."

Old home remedies for abscessed tooth and gum boil:

Golden seal (Hydrastis canadensis) - yellow root from the US is also an old and powerful remedy. Use a piece of fresh or dried yellow root or Golden Seal Tincture on the abscess tooth. Leave it in your mouth as long as you can stand it and repeat it 3-4 times a day. After a few treatments the gum boil should burst and pus must come out. It is essential to rinse your mouth afterwards with Hydrogen Peroxide 1.5% solution in order to disinfect the area.

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And here it is: a highly effective home remedy recipe which summarizes nearly all the earlier mentioned tooth abscess remedies.
List of the ingredients:

Mix all ingredients well and make a thick paste. Use as much olive oil as needed for a thick paste. Wrap it generously around the painful tooth. It will generate heat but it is no problem. This poultice can remove the pain and burst a gum boil faster than any other toothache remedy. If the tooth abscess has opened up rinse your mouth several times with disinfectant Hydrogen Peroxide 1.5% solution.

Dentists often suggest an ICE PACK in case of any oral inflammation. It helps with the swelling and keeps the infection from spreading. Put it 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. It is better using ice cubes than deep frozen stuff. You may combine it with any other tooth abscess remedy mentioned earlier.

Internal cures for tooth abscess and gum boil:

Since abscessed tooth is a local but severe infection, a general boost of the immune system is of great importance. Support your immune defence with:
Combine freely any of the immune enhancing remedies above to treat your abscess tooth and gum boil.

Homeopathic remedy for gum boil:

HEPAR SULPHURIS (Calcium sulphide) C12: This remedy is for the later stage of an inflammation, when a gum boil is being formed. It is indicated at the swollen, painful stage, before the tooth abscess has opened up and may abort the suppurative process. Gum is very sensitive, bleeding, least touch or coldness causes pain. Patient is irritable, impulsive and angry.

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Dissolve 2-3 pills under your tongue and do not eat or drink for 10-15 minutes after taking the remedy. Take the remedy in potency C12 three times a day for a few days. You have to see a definite improvement of the gum boil after two days if the remedy is correct for your actual state.

However never forget to visit your dentist even if your tooth abscess treatment had good results. Abscessed tooth or gum boil is always a serious condition do not experiment at home for too long.

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