Cause and Symptom of Sinusitis

I summarized here the common cause and symptom of sinusitis and sinus pain.
Sinuses are air filled cavities (holes) in the bones of the face, above the nose (in the forehead), behind the nose, around the eyes and in the cheeks. Sinuses are lined with a very thin mucus-secreting membrane and are connected to the nasal cavity by a number of narrow channels. If the membrane swells the channels connecting the nose to the sinuses become blocked. So, the produced mucus is not allowed to drain into the nose and collects in the sinuses. When mucus can't drain away it may become infected (with bacteria or fungus).


Blockage of the channels result a pressure and it can cause:
  • persistent headache and/or face pain, pressure and/or pain in the teeth, worse on bending forward or blowing the nose
  • completely or partially blocked nose, feeling of nasal congestion 
  • thin, watery or yellow-green, thick or blood-stained discharge from the nose
  • post nasal drip 
  • foul taste in the mouth.
What may cause the swelling of the membrane and the blockage?
  • colds or flu, viral infection
  • bacterial infection e.g. swimming in contaminated water
  • fungal infection (according to a recent Mayo Clinic study, a considerable part of sinusitis is caused by fungal infection)
  • allergies (food: milk!! or pet or environmental), hay fever
  • air pollution (cigarette smoke, irritant fumes, dust, etc.)
  • nasal polyps
  • adverse reaction to some foods e.g. ice cream
What is the goal of the treatment?
  • to reduce swelling and opening the blockage
  • letting mucus and discharge drain away freely
  • restore normal membrane functions
All of this therapeutical goals can be achieved by using home remedies!

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