Sinus Homeopathic Remedies

There are a few time-proved sinus homeopathic remedies which are extremely effective to cure both acute and chronic sinusitis. pharmacystHowever, if you have frequent recurrent attacks of sinusitis it is better to consult a homeopath and having a constitutional treatment. A well selected constitutional homeopathic remedy is able to prevent as well as to cure sinus infection.

CAUTION: Homeopathy is not compatible with some aromatherapy oils, like eucalyptus or peppermint, since they counteract the homeopathic remedies. If you use those aromatic oils in the treatment of your sinusitis, it has no sense to take homeopathic remedies. If you decide to treat your sinusitis with homeopathy, please don't use eucalyptus or peppermint oil at the same time.

Let's see now my highly appreciated sinus homeopathic remedies:

KALI BICHROMICUM (potassium bichromate)
A very useful sinus remedy, if you have a small amount of sticky, thick discharge impossible to blow out. The catarrh may be dry and forms sticky crusts in the nostrils which are hard to pick out. The postnasal drip of the catarrh accumulates overnight and is difficult to hawk out in the morning. The stringy, crusty, sticky mucus can block the nose entirely.
Sinus pain or pressure is located in a small spot but may extend to the whole head if sinus congestion is severe.
You are very chilly, symptoms worse for cold.


HYDRASTIS (Hydrastis canadensis, goldenseal)
Symptoms are just the opposite to Kali bichromicum. There is such a huge amount of white or yellow discharge, you just can't stop blowing the nose. Discharge may be constant and can be acrid and excoriating, causing raw wounds around the nose. You tend to blow nose all the time.The thick, tenacious catarrh drips down the back of the throat.
Dull, pressing frontal headache is better for pressure, when pushing forehead with your hand. Better for outside, worse for warm rooms.


CINNABARIS (red sulphide of mercury)
The most characteristic feature if, you need Cinnabaris is a heavy pressure at root of nose, like the pressure of glasses. There is a constant fullness and congestion in the forehead or face, pain worse during night. Discharge is acrid, foul, burning and might contain dark lumps. The stringy mucus may accumulate and drip post nasal into the throat.


HEPAR SULPHURIS (calcium sulphide)
When you need the remedy Hepar suluris, you must be oversensitive to cold, extremely chilly, least drought makes the symptoms worse. Your mood should be oversensitive as well, very irritable. Discharge is much, yellow or greenish, thick, pus-like, smells sometimes like old cheese. The pressing, stitching pain in your forehead, root of nose and face is better for warmth.

I suggest to take the chosen remedy in potency C12 two times a day for 3-4 days. If the remedy was correct you must notice marked improvement during this time. If not, stop the remedy. If there is an amelioration, you may continue taking the remedy for one week.

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