Ringworm Pictures of Humans and Images of Ringworm

There is a big demand for pictures of ringworm and ringworm photos in order to help self diagnosis. It is extremely useful to view ringworm pictures and compare them with your own skin rash. Be very careful as there are plenty of other diseases which look quite similar to ringworm and are not fungal infections. Read more about ringworm symptoms and scalp ringworm

What does ringworm look like?

Ringworm often begins as a round, itchy red patch with a raised outside edge that grows outwards. As it expands the middle area heals and appears white, but all round it is a red scaly ring where infection continues to spread. Well, but how does it look like?

Take a look at following ringworm pictures (ring worm pictures), to be sure about your skin rash. They are all body ringworm pictures also called tinea corporis pictures.

pictures of ringworm
ringworm picture
ringworm photos
ringworm pictures

Hope the ringworm photos above help you to identify your skin rash and decide about your body ringworms. Observe your skin symptoms very carefully and compare them with images of ringworm above. Best of luck!

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