My Story

ChristinaThe story began with my grandmother, I called her Oma, who was born in Burgenland. Oma knew the secret of herbs, she used to say:

"Herbs are the pharmacy of God".

Frankly to say, my sister and I were not always happy about her home remedies. They were sometimes uncomfortable and it seemed much easier just to take a tablet.

As a little girl I heard a lot of tales about flowers and trees how they could heal the sick heroes of the stories. I was deeply impressed by this "green world". I had a special place, a fairy niche, in our garden where I was together with my well-loved plants and animals.

Christina in the schoolI always wanted to cure people, the suffering people. It came natural to me to go to the medical university and learn everything about medicine.
I forgot almost everything about herbs and natural healing methods. I was focused on my studies about the human body, diseases and drugs. After graduating I started working in a hospital as a medical doctor, where I had to use the chemical drugs and there was never enough time to care about patients, to be mindful of their life.

So my dissatisfaction grew gradually and finally I broke with the hospital.

natural home remediesThat was the time when I returned to my loved herbs. I began study alternative medicine, first of all homeopathy, but I learned psychology as well. I studied homeopathy in Hungary, Austria and Germany and had received the International Diploma of the London College of Classical Homeopathy.

I opened my general medicine and homeopathy private practice in 1994. Thousands of people with a wide spectrum of different diseases attended my surgery. And I can tell you, I could help many of them.

I'm living in Europe in a gorgeous place surrounded with my well-loved herbs and cats. I love living here. I really enjoy walking in the forest climbing the the hills, observing the life of flowers and other creatures.

And I love to help everybody getting healthier.


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