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sore throat pictureHomeopathic remedies for sore throat are especially useful for children, since the application is very simple and the small pills are tasty. It does not mean of course, that an adult can not use them. Homeopathic remedies may have amazing results even in the treatment of strep throat if the correct remedy is taken. Take the time and be patient to observe your symptoms and to find the right remedy for your throat infection.

Homeopathic remedies for the beginning stages of a sore throat:

Aconite (Aconitum napellus):
Is always the remedy for the very beginning, for the first 24 hours of a sudden illness. You just noticed a hot burning or scratching in the middle of your throat after getting chilled or exposed to cold wind. Take immediately a dose of Aconite C30! You have good chance to stop the disease and prevent its further development.

Apis (Apis mellifica, honey bee):
honey beeIf you could not stop your sore throat with Aconite, the next stage is often an Apis state. You feel your throat swollen, dry, painful stinging and the most characteristic is, that the pain is worse for heat and better for cold. You are not thirsty, but if you drink something, you desire ice-cold. A cold compress around the neck ameliorates. If you look up your throat is bright red, puffy and shiny (like after a bee sting). Take Apis C30 twice a day for several days if it helps.

Belladonna (Atropa belladonna):
If the infection develops further you often get in a Belladonna state. Your throat is horrible painful, burning, throbbing and pulsating, feels constricted. The neck is tender to touch, glands are swollen, and talking is difficult. In spite of the terrible pain, you have a constant desire to swallow and the pain may radiate up into your ears.  If you look up your throat it is fiery red, tonsils are enlarged, and your tongue is red like a strawberry. You desire warm, you are thirsty for sips of warm liquids which ameliorate. You can have high fever, your head is hot and red, extremities cold and pale. During the fever you may feel confused.
This is the picture of a beginning strep throat. Take Belladonna C30 three times a day for 3 days, if it helps. If not, visit a homeopath or a doctor!

sore throat

Homeopathic remedies for a fully developed severe sore throat or strep throat:

Hepar sulphuris (Calcium sulphide):
If you could not cure the throat infection yet, it develops further and you can recognize some white or yellow dots on your enlarged, swollen and red sometimes ulcerated tonsils. The strep throat (tonsillitis follicularis) is in his blossom. You feel as if in your throat a splinter or fishbone were stuck in and the terrible raw pain radiates up to you ear on swallowing, turning the head or even when yawning. The glands in the neck are swollen and the whole neck is sensitive to touch. You are extremely sensitive to any form of cold, even for breathing in cold air. Any form of warm ameliorates, your throat pain is better for hot drinks and warm compresses. You have the constant need to be wrapped up warmly.
Now you can choose either taking antibiotics or continue the homeopathic treatment for on day more. If symptoms persist consult a doctor obviously.
Take Hepar sulphuris C30 3 times a day, maybe in combination with the next remedy Mercurius solubilis C30.
strep throat
Mercurius solubilis (Ammonio-nitrate of mercury):
The last stage of the severe inflammation is the Mercurius state, the back of the throat is grossly inflamed with signs of pus or abscess around the enlarged and ulcerated tonsils. You feel generally miserable and particularly the throat burns, feels like open wound. Your breath is foul smelly and you have a bad, sweetish, metallic taste in your mouth. You feel dryness in your mouth and have intense thirst, in spite of your increased saliva formation. You have so much saliva, that you must swallow constantly (which hurts unbearable) and at night it dribbles onto the pillow. Your tongue is thick, yellow coated, flabby and you can see the imprints of your teeth around the edges.
You sweat profusely, without relief, especially at night when you feel generally much worse. Your sweat smells strongly, can be smelled on entering the room.
In this severe state there is no time for experimenting! Take Mercurius solubilis C30 three times a day for one day. If your symptoms do not improve overnight, do visit your doctor! If they improve continue taking the remedy for 4-5 days.

Sore throat with special symptoms:

Ignatia (Ignatia amara, St Ignatius' bean):
If the sore throat starts after a strong emotional upset, some sort of loss (grief) or suppressed anger, Ignatia can be the right remedy. There is lump sensation in your throat, which disappears during swallowing and comes back after swallowing. The lump sensation is often accompanied by the feeling of choking. Paradoxically your throat pain is better for swallowing, and worse when not swallowing, so you try always to swallow some saliva.
When your throat irritation is connected with suppressed emotions you can not find a better remedy! Ignatia will help you! Take daily one dose of Ignatia C30 for 3-4 days.

weeping women

Wyethia (Wyethia helenoides):
If your throat irritation is itchy, you have the desire to rub the palate with your tongue think on Wyethia. An itchy, irritated throat is often caused by an allergic reaction e.g. hay fever. Your throat is dry, hot, swollen. Take daily Wyethia C30 it relieves the symptoms, but cures the allergy itself seldom.
If your sore throat is recurrent, the infection comes again and again, or never really heals, consult a homeopath for a constitutional remedy.

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