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Get rid of head lice on a safe, all natural, effective way with my home remedy for head lice!

Christina Starkman, MD

Ask Yourself These Questions:

mark Do you want to know, how to get rid of head lice in a safe and natural way?
mark Are you scared all of the chemicals and pesticides used in the traditional medical treatment?
markAre you interested in cheap, alternative recipes which work guaranteed?
markAre you looking for an effective, safe and all natural preventive method for the kids and yourself?
markDo you want a well-proved Household Lice Killing Spray which is absolutely safe and works terrific?
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If  YES, my alternative, all natural recipes are just for you!
Your louse will disappear, I guarantee it, or your money back.

But first, here is what one of my patient had to say about my home remedy:

Dear Christina,
I cannot thank you enough for the lice treatment remedy. I have been battling head lice with my son for over a year, and just could not get rid of it.
I followed all your instructions. The Hair Rinse made lice combing and nit picking much more easy than anything else I had tried.

My son is WITHOUT LICE for the first time in a year!
Thank you so much!!!!

Janet Ronson, US

I am so confident that you will be absolutely delighted, satisfied and regain the glow of good health with my e-book that this is my GUARANTEE:

8 Week, 100%, Money-Back Guarantee

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head lice

Home Remedies for Head Lice that Work

home remedy for head lice
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More Testimonials    (what others are saying)

I admit I was a little skeptical in the beginning and ordered your 'recipe' with much doubt. No matter what I tried and how much, I could not get rid of  my children's head lice. I'm so glad that  I found your web page!
Thank you very much!
God bless you....
Mary Kent, Australia

Hi Christina
I just want to say thank you for your help.  I have tried so many over the counter products, nothing worked. Just one treatment from your lice remedy and lice were gone! I like your shampoo recipe and use it regularly as a preventive. It smells great!
Betty Rohan, Ireland

Thank you so much!!  It worked!!  I thought I was never going to get rid of these lice.
Until I found your web site and used your home recipe treatment, I was battling them for 3 months.
I also used the Household Lice Spray on all my furniture, mattresses and our coats. It was just great. Our cars smell good now too!
Thanks again,
Theresa Miller FL

Dear Christina,
I want to thank you so much! Your head lice remedy works great. I used the recipe right away - and I happy to say - finally a head lice treatment that worked.
School is here again and this year I know my daughter will be without lice. I'm washing her hair once every week with the shampoo to prevent any outbreaks.
All the best
Peggy Trent CA

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Thank you for visiting my web site. I look forward to helping you on the road to better health.

To Good Health


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