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Home Remedies for Earache and Ear Infections

rabbit earHave you ever experienced the terrible pain of an earache? You must be interested in my home remedies for earache collection then.

There are two common causes of ear pain:

  • infection and inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media) particularly common in young children with severe, intense pain, raised temperature and hearing loss
  • other common cause of earache is the inflammation of the outer ear canal (otitis externa); pain may be accompanied by irritation, itching in the ear canal and sometimes by discharge
The distinction between the two disorders is not so easy under home circumstances, you can never be sure whether your (or your child's) ear drum is punctured or not.
Therefore the best is, if you don't put or drop anything into the ear canal!
USE ALL my suggested home remedies OUTSIDE and ABOUT THE EAR. Never put anything deep into the ear!
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Simple earache (initial stages of inflammation) will generally resolve within 24 hours, but if persists seek professional help. Do not delay treatment, especially in children!

Let's see now the home remedies:

My easiest, absolutely safe and well proved home herbal remedy, actually a kitchen remedy is:

onionThe Chopped Onion (Allium cepa) Bag

  1. Cut a middle-sized raw cooking onion into small pieces and stuff them into a small, thin, children cotton sock. 
  2. Warm it up (with a blow dryer) to body temperature. 
  3. Place a cotton wool swab on the aperture of the ear. 
  4. Fasten the warm onion bag to the paicutted onionnful ear with a woolen scarf or hat. (Use only natural materials, like cotton, wool, flax or silk.)
  5. Leave the compress on about 30 minutes (depending on personal sensitivity) and use it 2-3 times a day (but always chop a new, fresh onion.) 

As smelly as effective it is. It can cope with severe ear pain and beginning stages of middle ear infection.

ear treatment ear treatment

Another good, but stinky option is:

garlic pictureGarlic (Allium sativa) Oil Drop

  1. Put a drop of warm garlic oil e.g. from a capsule on a cotton wool swab and place it like a plug in the opening of the ear. 
  2. Leave it for 30-40 minutes in the ear and use it several times a day. 
It can be as effective as onion bag and useful for outer ear canal infections and inflammations as well.
In case of itching, burning or any type of inconvenience remove the oily cotton wool immediately.
NEVER drop essential oil or raw garlic juice into the ear canal!!

You can make garlic warm infused oil by yourself:
Mince one large bulb fresh garlic and put in the top of a double boiler. Pour in enough olive oil to cover the garlic and warm gently for an hour. Cool, strain through a muslin or cheesecloth and keep in a sealed bottle in the fridge. But warm it in a spoon over a candle until it is comfortably warm if you use it for your ears. You can use it on your salads as well, it's delicious.
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If you or your child hate the smell of onion or garlic, another useful choice is:

mullein verbascumMullein (Aaron's rod, Verbascum thapsus) Oil

Use a few drops of infused mullein oil on a cotton wool swab and insert it into the ear. It can cope with milder pains.
It is really simple to make mullein cold infused oil:
  1. fill a clear glass jar with the dried or fresh mullein flowers (ca.30g)
  2. cover with 1 cup of olive or sesame oil and fill the jar almost to the top
  3. cover the top of the jar as tightly as you can to exclude the air which can quickly turn the oil rancid
  4. leave the jar on a warm and sunny place (windowsill) for 2 or 3 weeks shaking it daily
  5. strain the oil through a wine press or jelly bag
  6. wring out all the oil
  7. pour the liquid into a clean glass container, close airtight and use it for at least one year or often more

Some aromatherapy tips...

NEVER FORGET to UNBLOCK the NOSE! The simplest and safest way is by seawater nose-spray or salt water solution. Put some sea salt into a tablespoon of tap water, it should taste like tears. Your nose drops are ready!

And now, my favorites, the Homeopathic Medicines!

My best, nearly always working, remedy combination (I often suggest it on the phone):
  • Belladonna C12
  • Ferrum-phosphoricum C12
2-3 pills every two hours alternately for one day. (Let the pills dissolve under the tongue. Don't eat or drink 5 minutes before and after taking the remedy.)
You can use the internal homeopathic medication in combination with the external compresses and oils.

If symptoms persist after one day, consult a homeopath or a doctor!

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A useful diet tip: avoid dairy products (cow's milk, butter, cheese, yogurt...) and sugar during middle ear infection, because they increase the mucus production.

Kerstin from Germany writes:
"onions stuffed in socks are particularly effective against ear infections. If pain persists longer than one day, go to a doctor, but with this method I have never had the pain persist that long."

Please give a feedback!

Have you tried any of this methods? Did it work? Maybe you have got another useful earache remedy? Why not share with me and others?

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