Home Remedies for Burns

Have you got a skin burn? Is it horrible painful? Are you keen on how to treat skin burns at home? Act fast and find a couple of good home remedies for burns injury and great ideas for treating skin burns. Many of them are well proved first aid burn treatments.

home remedies for burnsFirst Aid Skin Burn Treatment

The best first aid for burns injury is diluted vinegar. Luckily vinegar is nearly in all households available. Pour some vinegar immediately onto the skin burn as soon as possible. Afterward cover the injured area with a cloth, soaked in diluted vinegar of any kind. Vinegar acts painkilling and relaxing. If the skin burns pain becomes stronger again, change the compress for a fresh one. Refresh the vinegar compress as often as needed. Vinegar is one of the easiest home remedies for burns.

Another good first aid for burns is Lavender essential oil. Immediately put some neat Lavender oil onto the burned skin area. Lavender is not only a very effective antiseptic, but acts also painkilling, helps to reduce the pain of the burn injuries and promotes rapid healing. It will reduce the risk of scaring. Lavender, applied to a burn very quickly, will often heal it with no scarring at all. For larger burns injury, Lavender oil should be poured neat onto a gauze or cloth, and applied to the burn injury, and renewed every few hours.

It is a good idea to grow an Aloe vera plant in the sunny kitchen window. For burn first aid, slice off a small piece of the fleshy leaf, open it, and apply the fresh sap directly on the skin burn. Aloe vera has astringent and tissue-healing properties. No doubt Aloe vera is a real home remedy for burns.


The following time proved remedy is according to ancient Indian Yunani healing-art, and has been used for many centuries to treat even severe burn injuries. You may find odd for first sight, but believe me, it works fantastic. Incredible. Amazing. Cotton-ash paste is simply the very best first aid burn treatment ever.


  1. Take a large piece of cotton wool (or any kind of pure, white cotton fabric) and burn it (perhaps in a big metal pot).
  2. Use the ash of the burned cotton and mix with
  3. olive oil (or any kind of cooking oil available at home),
  4. to get a thick paste.
  5. Spread this black paste generously onto the burned skin area.
  6. Cover it with a cling film.

Stunning, that the pain disappears in seconds and even the accompanied shock ameliorates. No other remedy is needed. Should the pain come back refresh the poultice: use fresh paste onto the burn wound. Use the paste regularly for a week or so, depending on the severity of the skin burns. Healing usually occurs within a week. It is one of best home remedies for burns ever.
No other treatment can beat Cotton-Ash Paste for burns. It is simply the best burn treatment.


Post for Home Remedies for Burns, Share your experience: Well, everyone should learn by the age of 4 or 5 that you should never touch any metal that you think may be hot with your bare hand. Apparently it has been so long I forgot this important lesson. I was cooking a couple things for dinner and had placed a cookie sheet on the stove top (ceramic flat top) waiting to be put in the oven. What I failed to realize is that I had used the burner underneath the cookie sheet a few minutes before and it was still burning hot. So.. needless to say when I went to put the cookie sheet in the oven I burned all three of my middle finger terribly! I thought I would die it hurt so bad. It felt like all the skin was raw stinging and burning. I ran cool water over them to no avail and then started looking up remedies. I was crying it hurt so bad (and I don't normally cry). I could see blisters starting to come up and was almost panicking. I found this site and tried the vinegar which really helped take out the sting, but just for a few seconds until the towel started to get warm and dry out. So that wasn't gonna work. Then I saw the cotton-ash remedy and thought what a pain to make! But I was in unbearable pain and knew I wouldn't get any sleep if I didn't figure something out so I found one of my husbands old white 100% cotton shirts and cut off a chunk (one short sleeve) and put it on the stove in a metal pot and lit it on fire with a match. I let it burn stirring it so it got the whole piece and then poured a splash of organic olive oil on the ashes. I realized I did not use near enough cotton to make enough of the ash to form a paste but I decided to try it anyway. I wiped up the oil/ash mixture with another piece of the shirt and wrapped my fingers up in it (didn't have any plastic wrap). I used a rubber band to hold it on there tightly and I didn't think it was working. I was so disappointed after making the whole house smell like a fire and trying not to burn myself again with the flaming shirt, but then I realized the pain was COMPLETELY gone! I couldn't believe it. I slept with the rag on my hand and when I woke up the blisters were smaller and I had no pain at all! I was so happy. The only issue I had afterward was the stain on my fingers. It looked like I had been chain smoking for 60 years (I don't smoke)! It stained my fingers a deep yellow-orange colour and I didn't want to scrub them like crazy for fear of breaking the blisters so I just put a couple band aids on them while I was at work that day. The next day the blisters had almost completely disappeared so I took a pumice stone to the stains in the shower and they came off. Fantastic remedy! I am so glad I tried it! Thank you for home remedies for burns!

Home Treatment for Burns

skin burnsKitchen Remedies for Treating Skin Burns - Easy Home Remedies for Burns

Herbal Home Treatment for Burns


How to Treat Burns Injury from Inside Out?

There are many possibilities to strengthen the body's overall healing forces. Both homeopathic remedies and herbs can speed up the healing process of burn injuries. Herbs and homeopathy are both valuable home remedies for burns. How to treat a burn injury inside out? Let's see...


Homeopathic Burn Remedies

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the healing forces (so called vital force) of our body, and promote faster cure of skin burns. They complement well all the home treatments for burns mentioned above. How to treat burns with,

Arnica 30C: initial remedy to take after any trauma. Acts as painkiller and helps for shock. Take 2-3 pills every 15 minutes for four doses. It is a good first aid burn care for first degree burns.

Cantharis 30C: for more severe burns (second degree burns) with blisters. Severe burning pains, as if it is raw, are better for cold. I advice taking it before the blisters form; the remedy can prevent blistering. Dissolve 2-3 pills under the tongue every 10 minutes for half an hour.

Causticum 30C: for serious, third degree burns, chemical burns, or scalds, with burning, raw, terrible pain. The remedy can also help to cure soreness that remains at the site of old burns. To heal old burns and scars take Causticum 30C twice a week for a month.

Herbs for Treating Skin Burns

Herbs can be used as internal treatment for burns. How to treat a burn internally? Just see...

First Aid for Burns: General Measurements


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Classification of Skin Burns Injury

First degree burns: Mildest burns injury. Superficial lesions on the outer layer of the skin, redness (erythema) with some swelling and soreness. Use home remedies for burns immediately.

Second degree burns: More serious damage to the outer layer of skin and tissue below, in the form of blisters. Redness, swelling, intense pain, blisters. Home remedies for burns can speed up the healing process.

Third degree burns: Very severe damage, brown, black even burnt look to skin, irreversible lesions and destruction of nerve endings; disappearance of pain. There is no blistering but serious swelling. State of shock (fainting, pale skin, sweating). Third degree burns injury always requires urgent medical attention and hospitalizations.

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When should you call the doctor?

If you suffer a severe burn injury, including chemical burns injury or electrical burns injury, you need urgent medical attention. Mild skin burns injury need medical treatment if they cover a large area or are very painful. Seek medical advice for a burn injury on the face or hands, or if the burns injury cover an area larger than the hand of the person affected. It means this area is smaller for a baby, than for an adult.

Also see a doctor if the victim has fever, chills, vomiting or swollen glands; or if the site of the burns injury smells unpleasant or oozes pus.

Apart from the conditions above use home remedies for burns. Home treatments for burns are just safe and effective.


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