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Do you want to get rid of ear wax at home? You are at the right place for homemade ear wax removal. You can find several home remedies for removing earwax on the internet but some of them are quite dangerous. Follow my instructions in order to remove ear wax safely and quickly in the privacy of your home.

What is Earwax exactly?

Ear wax is produced by glands in the ear canal and its job is to clean, moisten and protect the canal. Studies have found that earwax has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Usually, ear wax is produced in small quantities and emerges naturally from the ear. If wax is produced in larger than normal quantities, it may cause an ear wax blockage with feeling of blockage, itchiness, pain and sometimes hearing loss.

Since the ear canal is a self-cleansing organ, under normal circumstances it needs no special attention, no daily ear cleaning is necessary.

ear wax removalIf you have a need for cleaning the ear canal regularly,

Drop anything in the ear canal ONLY if your ear drum is healthy and intact. If you have a hole in the eardrum (punctured ear drum) you MUST NOT try any home remedy, nor should you allow a physician to irrigate your ear. Earwax home remedies are only for people with a healthy eardrum.

People with a history of any ear disease should go to an ENT specialist for wax problems and not try treating the problem themselves.

ear anatomy

Ear Wax Removal Home Remedies

Use home remedy for earwax removal only if you are sure your eardrum is healthy.

NEVER use a cotton bud, hair grip or finger for ear cleaning or to remove wax from your ear. Cotton swabs (Q-Tips) simply compact the wax, making it hard and solid and just push the earwax further into the ear canal. Ear care

How to get rid of ear wax safely?

The safest and tested home remedy for ear wax removal is:

Ear wax dissolving with PARAFFIN OIL (or other mineral oil) in combination with warm water-vinegar irrigation

Steps of ear wax removal:

The first step of removing earwax is to soften or to dissolve the wax by using mineral oil. Mineral oils are better, then organic oils because they are quite thin. However if you do not have access to mineral oils use just simple extra virgin olive oil.

  1. remove ear wax

    Obtain paraffin oil or if you lack mineral oil - take extra virgin olive oil.

  2. Warm about 2-3 tablespoons (e.g.over a candle) a little above body temperature.

  3. Fill an eye dropper with the warm oil.

  4. Lie on your side, with the ear to be de-waxed up. 

  5. get rid of ear waxDrop a few drops of warm oil into your ear canal.

  6. Lie still for about 5-10 minutes.

  7. Get up and empty oil into the sink.

Do this procedure once a day for the following 4-5 days. This will soften the wax, may even dissolve it completely.

ear wax home remedyThe second step of ear wax removal is (if earwax is still present) syringing or irrigating the ear canal with warm water and vinegar solution. I prefer the water-vinegar mixture since it helps to prevent secondary infections. (The pH of the healthy ear canal is relatively low, slightly acidic.) The best is using Apple Cider Vinegar with acidity concentration around 5%. Sure it is safer if you ask for help doing the ear rinse.

Share Your Experience, Post from Barbara, Maryland:

Ear wax removal at home: I have had a problem with excess ear wax ever since I can remember. Usually, it will work itself out with not much hearing loss. This last time, however, was a different story. A few days before Christmas, I woke up with my left ear completely clogged. I didn't do anything about it because I thought it would clear itself up in a day or two. Well, a week and a half later, I had had enough. I was fed up with not being able to hear much, so I looked up home remedies for ear wax removal on the internet and found this page. I used extra virgin olive oil (because that's what I had on hand), heated a teaspoon full, poured it in my ear, and put a cotton ball in to keep the oil from draining out onto my pillow when I went to bed. The next morning, I was sitting watching TV before work, when my ear "popped", and I could hear again! When I got into the shower, I tilted my head so that the hot water could further work to get the wax to move around. I haven't tried the water and vinegar solution yet, but that will be next. I'd like to completely get rid of ear wax. It's so nice to be able to hear again, and I'm very glad I found this page! Thank you, Christina, for posting all of these great solutions!


How to remove ear wax with the help of ear rinse?

Follow my step by step guidelines:

  1. ear wax syringeObtain a bulb syringe.
  2. Make the irrigation solution by mixing 1:1 water and apple cider vinegar.
  3. Warm the water-vinegar solution just above body temperature (38C) and check with a thermometer. If the temperature of the solution is lower or higher it may cause dizziness for sensitive people.
  4. Fill the bulb syringe with the warm solution.
  5. Tilt your head above the sink.
  6. Pull the external ear up and back in order to straighten the ear canal.
  7. Aim the nozzle of the syringe slightly upwards and backwards so that the warm solution flows as a cascade along the roof of the canal.
  8. Flush your ear gently with warm water-vinegar solution, this will bring out the undissolved wax.
  9. Irrigation may need to be repeated several times.
  10. After the wax is removed the ear can be dried with a hair dryer set on low.

Share your experience: I read the 'Ear Wax Removal Home Remedy'. It worked really well and my ear is still open. I only had a problem getting all the softened earwax out. I found a small tool and I am using it right now in combination with the oil to get all the earwax out. It's called an earscratcher. I thought, worthwhile mentioning.

ear wax treatmentBe careful not to irrigate too hard!

Perhaps you have heard about using Hydrogen Peroxide for dissolving earwax plugs. It can be very dangerous if you have a sensitive ear canal or punctured eardrum. H2O2 is a very strong substance may be too strong to put in contact with the highly delicate ear drum. So, I don't recommend it for home usage of ear wax removal. Consult this problem with an ENT specialist.

Share Your Experience: Jeff from Honolulu (Hawaii) wrote:

Removing earwax at home: I had a very bad case of ear wax build up and it blocked my ear canal. I couldn't hear for a whole week. I then read the home remedy for cleaning out the ear wax. I put the warmed oil in my ear and let it set for 10 minutes. After turning my head and letting out the oil, I got the syringe and filled it just warmed water. I irrigated the ear five, six and even seven times and the wax did not come out. So, I put more oil in the ear and let it set for 10 minutes. Turned my head and let the oil out again, and tried irrigation. After irrigating about 5 times, a huge ball of ear wax came rolling out. I can hear again!!! You might have to be persistence if you have a serious blockage. Thanks for the home remedy!

If the home method for ear wax removal was unsuccessful definitely visit a doctor!


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