Ear Pain

Homeopathic Remedies for Earache

Here you can find more home remedies for ear pain, especially my favorites the homeopathic remedies for earache.

According to my experiences homeopathic remedies are really powerful in healing middle ear infection. You may combine homeopathic remedies for earache with locally used home remedies. In the treatment of outer ear disorders local herbal/oil applications are more important than homeopathy.

Choosing the appropriate homeopathic medicine is not so easy. It needs proper observation and some intuition. But it is not hopeless! I try to give clear guidelines that make you easier to find the right ear pain remedy.

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I suggested a well proved combination of Belladonna and Ferrum-phosphoricum for the initial stages of earache. This prescription is not individualized, anyone can try it. If you want a more precise, a more fitting remedy, than make some effort: observe the complaints carefully and find the most similar remedy for your earache.

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ACONITE (Aconitum napellus) C30

For the very beginning of an ear ache. (Within the first 24 hours.) Sudden onset; intense, unbearable pain; often from getting chilled; cold, dry wind or drought. Pain may be ameliorated by applied heat. Ear is red, hot and sensitive. Patient is very thirsty for cold drinks.


BELLADONNA (Atropa belladonna) C30

Another initial stages remedy. Sudden and strong onset, violent, throbbing pain, often right sided. Face red, dark red and burning hot. Delirious fever. Sensitive to light and noise. Wants to lie down. Pain worse for jarring movement.


CHAMOMILLA (Matricaria chamomilla) C30

Severe, sharp pains in the ear driving person frantic. Child is very irritable, angry, nothing is good enough, better for moving. Ear pain may worse for applied heat. Earache often accompanies teething.


PULSATILLA (Pulsatilla nigricans) C30

Pain is heavy, pressing outwards from eardrum often beginning at night. Worse for applied heat, better for cool, fresh air. Child is miserable, clingy, weepy and wants cuddles. Consolation ameliorates. Thirstless.


HEPAR SULPHURIS (Calcium sulphide) C30

Ear aches are needle-like and very sensitive to the slightest cold. Wants warm wrapping up. Better for heat. Patient is angry, irritable, discontented.

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The ear pain is milder and develops slower. Complaints are less characteristic.

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Take one dose (2-3 pills) of the chosen remedy in potency C30. You must see a marked positive effect after a single dose if the medicine is correct. Repeat it when the improvement stops or the symptoms get worse again. In case of improvement take the remedy for up to 3-4 days. If complaints persist, consult a homeopath or a doctor.

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