Cold Sore Treatment

The goal of every cold sore treatment is to make sure that those sore and unsightly blisters are absent a lot more than they are present.

Cold sores are tiny blisters that form mostly around the nostrils and lips but sometimes also elsewhere on the face. The blisters break open and weep before they crust over and disappear.


Cause of Cold Sore

Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex virus, usually Herpes Simplex type1. Genital herpes is caused in 70-80% by Herpes Simplex virus type2. The virus itself lives in nerve endings. Nearly all of us carry the cold sore virus even when it's not causing symptoms. This means that millions of people are infected with the virus, but probably only a quarter of those infected have symptoms of any kind.

A rise in skin temperature - perhaps caused by fever or to much sunlight - activates the virus and they spread out from the nerve endings. That's why cold sore is often called fever blister. A local or general weakening of the immune system is needed for an outbreak.

What are the Triggers for a Herpes outbreak?

Herpes Symptoms:

  1. tingling sensation (itching and irritation) around the mouth heralds the sore's imminent arrival, usually within a day or two.

  2. The skin feels oversensitive to touch.

  3. Raised, swollen red area usually around the nostrils and lips.

  4. Tiny blisters form on the spot.

  5. Blisters enlarge, burst, oozes fluid and become painful ulcers after 2 or 3 days.

  6. The ulcers crust over, form scabs. They may crack and bleed easily.

  7. Fade away in 7 to 10 days.

As you would expect, herpes is highly contagious. There is 90% chance of catching it if a member of the family has an active blister. The virus is transmitted through skin contact, for example kissing.

Cold sore that develops near the eye is potentially dangerous and should be seen by a doctor, as soon as symptoms, such as tingling or itching, begin.

As you can see, cold sores are not only annoying they can also be dangerous, so the cold sore treatment has a great importance.

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