Blood Pressure Symptoms

It might be interesting, that symptoms of high blood pressure and low blood pressure are very similar. The only way to differentiate between high or low blood pressure symptoms is blood pressure reading.

Low blood pressure symptoms include:

One speaks about low blood pressure if the systolic blood pressure (top number of blood pressure readings) is below 95mmHg and the diastolic blood pressure (lower number of blood pressure reading) is below 60mmHg.

If you experience above mentioned blood pressure symptoms it is important to rule out any underlying problem.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Half of all the people who have high blood pressure do not know their problem as they are not aware about the signs of high blood pressure. Symptoms of high blood pressure are usually hidden and hypertension symptoms are often mixed up with common everyday ailments. Signs of high blood pressure are usually mild and unspecific they could be caused by many different conditions.

high blood pressureThe first symptom of high blood pressure may be a dull pain at the nape of neck, back of the head on waking in the morning. The pain might be persistent or disappears soon after waking.

Main hypertension signs symptoms include:

More signs of high blood pressure to watch out for:

blood pressure readingIf you experience two or more from the above symptoms of high blood pressure, consult a professional to check your blood pressure. Normal blood pressure for young people in their twenties is 120/80mmHg. If the diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number of the blood pressure reading) exceeds 90mmHg or the systolic blood pressure (the top number of the blood pressure readings) exceeds 140mmHg regularly one can speak about hypertension. If your blood pressure is persistently higher than 140/90mmHg, it is wise to get it under control.

If high blood pressure is very severe, we can speak about malignant hypertension. In this life threatening condition the diastolic blood pressure (the lower number of the blood pressure readings) often exceeds 140mmHg.

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Malignant hypertension symptoms include:

If you experience the above severe symptoms of high blood pressure seek immediate help to prevent brain bleeding, stroke or other organ damages.


High blood pressure can happen to anyone, but it is more common among men. Often there is no single blood pressure cause, many factors can contribute.

Usual high blood pressure causes:

More hypertension causes:

high blood candies

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