Best Way to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips and Weight Loss Food

How to lose weight? The best way to lose weight includes two basic principles:
  1. the right TIMING of meals and eating real, proper food;
  2. Medications: Orlsitat, Alli, Xenical. Orlistat 120mg in Australia: what it is, how it works, and how long it takes for your weight loss
  3. regular physical activities with FUN.

However, the most important weight loss aids are the proper timing of your food intake. Your metabolism is changing during the day, it works different in the morning than in the evening. For fighting obesity food can be ranged into three categories:

Food categories for the best way to lose weight

FIRST category foods for the best way to lose weight: Rich in protein and fiber, low in carbohydrates and saturated fat. Best weight loss food.

For example: low fat, sugar free diary products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese), eggs, low fat meat, fish, shrimps, soy products, mushroom, pickles, mustard, lemon, grapefruit, sour cherries, sour apples, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, beetroot, beans, olives, asparagus etc.

weight loss eating planSECOND category foods for the best way to lose weight: Higher in carbohydrates and saturated fat, however more fiber rich, wholemeal products, low in sugar. Good weight loss foods.

Such as: wholemeal bread or other wholemeal, sugar free bakery products, wholemeal cereals (sugar free), more fatty cheese, sausages, ketchup, mayo, orange, peaches, sweet apples, pineapple, melons, potato, corns, peas, brown rice etc

THIRD category of foods for the best way to lose weight: Highly processed, refined carbohydrate rich, sugary foods, rich in saturated fat, low in fiber.

The worst, unhealthy, fast foods or snacks, sugary drinks such as: soft drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, white flour fluffy bread and sugary bakery products, cookies, pastries, sweets, chocolate, sugary diary products (sweet yogurt, sweet chocolate drinks etc) honey, chips, pastas, bacon, butter, very sweet fruits like: grapes, pears, bananas, figs, dates etc

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But why are highly processed, refined foods so unhealthy?

Because, they have a low nutritional quality, since most of the minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and fiber have been systematically removed by processing and refining. They are also called empty calorie foods, which make up - according to research on obesity - at least 60% of the typical Western diet.

Why does refined food cause obesity?

Because, they cause us to overeat. We need real nutritions and fiber to feel fullness which turns the hunger off. With empty calorie, fiber-poor foods we eat more to reach fullness, consume more calories, than we need - and the excess turns to fat.

Plus, we absorb more calories from refined foods. They lack fiber and bulk so they slow down intestinal activity and spend five times more in the intestinal tract than unrefined, natural foods do. Our body absorbs calories during the entire passage. (Additionally the slowed down passage contributes to constipation)

And why have many people craving for sugary, refined food?

Since they are addicted to sugar and other refined, white carbohydrates.
Research on obesity has shown, that those bad, highly refined, fiber-poor carbohydrates are very quickly absorbed from the gut and cause a rapid blood sugar elevation (crack effect). This blood sugar peak results an increased serotonin production in the brain and gives the feeling of happiness and contentment.

However, this type of happiness does not last long. The respond of our body to high sugar level is insulin production. Insulin decreases the blood sugar level fast, turning sugar to storage fat and your elevated mood drops down significantly. You start craving for a next sugar boom and your sugar-addiction has started. You feel a strong desire and want more and more sugary food.

The result of each and every blood sugar peak is increased fat storage, since the rapidly risen blood insulin turns excess sugar to fat and your fat cells are growing continuously.You can see now, how sugar and refined carbohydrate addiction leads almost ever to weight gain.

What are good and healthy carbs?

Carbs which contain plenty of fiber (such as wholemeal products, brown rice, vegetables and not too sweet fruits) are slow-released carbs, which means, that sugar (glucose) enters gradually and slowly into the bloodstream, causing a a steady, well-balanced blood sugar level.

There is no rapid blood sugar and insulin boom, so less sugar is turned to fat. Plus wholemeal products contain plenty of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty-acids which makes you feeling less hungry, and more active.

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Weight Loss Tips

So, here you find a summery of my weight loss tips. The best way to lose weight is based on a long term change of eating habits and life-style.
How does the right TIMING of eating look like?

Weight loss tips: in the MORNING (until 12pm (noon)) eat the most of your carbohydrate intake, but avoid sugary foods and drinks. If you cannot cut out sugar, decrease the consumption significantly. All the unhealthy, THIRD category foods might be eaten (if you have a strong craving) in a small amount during this time period. Sure, you can eat all the SECOND and FIRST category foods as well.

weight loss workout

Weight loss tips: during LUNCH time (from 12pm till 3pm) eat only wholemeal carbs, vegetables (potatoes, corns and peas included) most of the fruits, meat, sea-food, fish dishes. All the SECOND and FIRST category foods can be consumed.

weight loss aids

Weight loss tips: after 3pm and in the EVENING eat only proteins (eggs, low fat meat, fish, soy products, low-fat sugar-free diary products) with salad or vegetables (potato, corn, peas excluded). This diet provides low blood sugar and insulin level for the night, when fat can be mobilized and turned back to sugar. It is very important having enough sleep and rest when these process takes place.

weight loss secrets

Weight loss tips: do not eat after 10pm and drink only water if you are thirsty (water help to loss weight). NIGHT is a fasting period for the organism.

Further important weight loss tips:

Plenty of physical activity is also essential for effective weight loss. But, exercise should made with pleasure and fun, must not cause you suffer. Daily half an hour power walking, jogging, dancing, cycling or playing soccer, basketball etc is enough.

Most important rule for safe weight loss is, that after exercising eat only protein, fiber and vitamin rich foods, since fat burning takes place after activity. According to research on obesity, during the period of rest you need a low blood sugar and low insulin level (and high level of vitamin C and amino-acids) in order to turn fat to sugar and build up new proteins.

During 30 minutes of exercise your muscles consumed all the available blood sugar and storage sugar of your system. After physical activity this consumed sugar will be replaced from storage fat, but, only if blood sugar and insulin levels are low. So, fat mobilization really happens after exercising, during rest if, you do not eat much carbs. Weight loss food after activity is lean meat or fish with plenty of fresh salad.

Remember: if you have one bad meal, or even a bad week, do not quit with food TIMING,  just get yourself back on track of best way to lose weight as soon as possible.

Fast weight loss tips

Quick weight loss is usually unhealthy and cause often a jo-jo effect of your weight. But, if you want to lose some weight faster you may consider following fast weight loss tips:


Weight Loss Food

Since biblical times humans are aware of a few weight loss foods, which either reduce appetite or speed up the metabolic rate, resulting a natural weight loss.

Examples for weight loss foods: fennel, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, green tea, bulky food etc. Let us see some effective weight loss food:

So, choose some of the above weight loss food to enhance the effect of food TIMING and get the best way to lose weight.

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