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You must be interested in hay fever remedies and allergy treatment, if you suffer from seasonal or constant (year-round) hay fever symptoms. Thanks to the constantly degrading condition of the environment more and more people are getting allergies of different kind. Besides the medical treatment there are loads of effective natural remedies which bring relief to the annoying symptoms of hay fever.

Cause and Symptoms of Hay Fever 

Allergic reaction is an abnormal response by the immune system to a foreign invader: known as an allergen. The immune system is overreacting to certain harmless substances such as pollen, dust mites, animal fur, feather or molds (mould spores). An allergic person is over-sensitive to a substance, which normally does not cause any problems. This reaction is a failure of the immune system.

During the allergic response histamine is released from the mast cells in abundance, which can quickly produce all sorts of mucus membrane symptoms. They are the symptoms of hay fever.

Hay Fever Symptoms

Breathing problems, allergy cough and asthma can occur during serious allergy and hay fever reactions.

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Definitely call the doctor if difficulty in breathing rapidly develops and worsens.
Seek immediate medical attention when there is a swelling of the lips, mouth or throat.

Natural Allergy Treatment for Hay Fever

Mother nature provides us several natural antihistamines, which relieve hay fever symptoms quickly and effectively. They are sometimes more effective than expensive medicines.

So, let's see some of the natural solutions for hay fever problems:

Apple Cider Vinegar

First of all our old folk remedy, Apple Cider Vinegar, is extremely helpful in the prevention and treatment of allergy symptoms. Best is organic, raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the 'mother'.

Mix 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water (250ml) and gulp the mixture at once. If you find the mixture to strong, use less vinegar, only 1 teaspoon perhaps. Use it 2-3 times a day. If taken at the onset of symptoms, improvement occurs immediately or in 1-3 hours. If you have been experiencing allergies for several days, your symptoms will diminish slowly - after about one day perhaps. If you don't notice any ease of your hay fever symptoms after 2-3 days, stop taking the remedy. For long term use I recommend 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in 500 ml water and sipping slowly during the day.

People often have problems with the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar, so here you have a few tips to benefit the taste of the remedy:apple-cider-vinegar

If your stomach is sensitive to vinegar and feels upset after drinking the remedy give 1/4 tsp baking soda to 250ml Apple Cider Vinegar mixture.

You may keep using the Apple Cider Vinegar mixture (2 teaspoons of vinegar in 500 ml water sipping slowly during the day) for the whole hay fever season. It will decrease your inclination to allergy.

WARNING! Your teeth don't like this acidic drink (may decay sooner), so rinse your mouth with tap water after drinking the remedy.

Another simple possibility is opening the Apple Cider Vinegar bottle and just inhaling - through your nose - the vapors coming out of it. It is able to open up the nose passages immediately, to decrease mucus formation and to calm allergic irritation. Don't overuse it as the acidic vapor may damage the mucus membrane.

Local Honey and Honeycomb

A highly appreciated old home remedy is local honey and honeycomb. Look for local honey that is made by bees in your immediate neighbourhood. Eat it regularly and chew the honeycomb it comes in, too. By eating honey produced by local bees, you can desensitise your immune system to local pollens. Starting two months before the hay fever season, eat 2 tablespoons of honey a day and chew the beeswax for 5 to 10 minutes. Continue until the hay fever season is over.
Caution: local liquid honey can sometimes exacerbate your allergies. Just be on the look out for this.
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Vitamin Supplements for Allergy Treatment

Some vitamins have a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of allergy and hay fever.

Vitamin C (Sodium-ascorbate)

Using high levels of Vitamin C supplementation long term has a soothing effect on a allergies, since it reduces the allergic reaction of the body. A maintenance level of 2000mg (sometimes 3000mg) daily keeps allergies often under control.

Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic acid)

The intake of Vitamin B-5 or Pantothenic acid brings often great relief to the hay fever sufferer and is a good allergy treatment. This vitamin can be taken in a dose of 100mg daily for a month.

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Diet Tips for Allergy Treatment and Hay Fever

Reduce your intake of diary product, especially cows milk, refined sugar and wheat produce, since they are mucus-forming.

Eat in abundance citrus fruit (including some of the pith and skin), first of all lemons.

  • hay-fever-lemonadeYou can make a lemonade (squeezed lemon + water + honey) and drink in the morning first.
  • Or you can do following lozenge: Chop up the peels and white inner rinds of organic lemons. Place in a pot and barely cover with water, simmer covered for ten minutes. Sweeten the mixture to taste with honey and eat one teaspoon 3 times a day.

Eat plenty of onion, garlic, pineapple, horseradish and local honey. Season with turmeric. Drink in abundance lemon, orange and pineapple juice. Increase your liquid intake to maintain the water content of the mucus membranes. The best foods for allergy treatment are lemons and pineapples. Eat or drink them fresh in abundance during the whole allergy season.


Have you ever heard about a neti pot or nasal irrigation? This ancient ayurvedic method is a very effective tool in allergy treatment.

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Allergy Remedy
In the treatment of allergies and hay fever mother nature provides us several natural allergy remedy and herbs to overcome this annoying condition. Allergy medication can be based on all natural remedies and allergy cure is possible with the help of herbs, homeopathy, natural supplements and ayurvedic nasal irrigation.

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Nasal Irrigation and Neti Pot
Saline nasal irrigation is extremely useful to cure a sinusitis or common cold as well as to bring relief to the symptoms of nasal allergy or hay fever. Nasal wash loosens the mucus and reduces swelling.

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