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Are you looking for a selection of natural home remedies? Would you like to find your personal home remedy cures? Worried about common health problems?

I'd like to help you...

My name is Christina, I'm a 46 year-old medical doctor, naturopath and homeopath. I had been working in my busy private surgery since 1994. Read more about Christina...

Welcome to the world of Home Remedies and Natural Cures

What will I find here?

During my daily practice I met different common health problems often and I was frequently asked tons of questions. The content of this site is based on these vivid experiences.

Feel free to browse all the topics you are interested in to find appropriate old home remedies, natural remedies, herbal remedies for your special ailment. If you were not completely successful, you have the possibility to ask and consult me to get individually tailored advices.

I collected and summarized all my well proved healthy tips, medical advices and natural remedies worked excellent for my patients. Try and use these simple new and old home remedies to get rid of everyday diseases!

Mostly I'll give more options and different natural cures for each common health problem such as:

I'm absolutely convinced, that every person is an individual human being and therefore their treatment should be individualized as well.

Please, share your experiences with me and help other visitors on the way of great health.

Find your best home remedy BUT never forget to see and consult your doctor, when the complaint persists!

Christina's Home Remedies Blog
Christina's Home Remedies Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to site. The natural and gentle way of healing.
Sinus Infection
Have you got a sinus infection? Not sure about sinus symptoms? No idea about sinus cure? Find a great overwiev and detailed descripton of sinus infection symptoms, sinus cures and easy sinus remedies. Simple, cheap and effective.
Acid Reflux
Acid reflux disease or heartburn are the commonly known expressions of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is the flowing back of the acidic juices from the stomach up into the esophagus.
Best Acne Treatment and Acne Information
Looking for best acne treatment and acne information? You arrived just to the right place for appropriate acne help and natural acne treatments. Read about types of acne, what causes acne and how to prevent acne?
Allergy Treatment
Do you need allergy treatment? Do you suffer from hay fever symptoms? You must be interested in my allergy cure.
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? Are you looking for a reliable, drug free technique to get rid of anxiety? You are on the right place.
How to lower blood pressure
How to lower blood pressure? Many natural ways to lower blood pressure, foods that lower blood pressure, home remedies for high blood pressure.
Skin Boils
MRSA or common staph infection often cause skin boils. Find the most important home remedies for boils and time-proved boil treatment.
Depression Help
More and more people are seeking for depression help. Here you find outstanding and professional self help suggestions and help for overcoming depression.
Cold Sore Treatment
Are you a cold sore sufferer? Learn more about fever blister. You may find a safe and long lasting cold sore treatment: Cold Sore Freedom in 3 Days.
Cough Remedies
Find plenty of natural cough remedies and cough mixtures, treatment for dry or persistent cough. Folk remedies and time proved old home remedies bring relief for severe coughing safe and quickly. Stop coughing with herbs and home remedies for cough.
Ear Infection
Do you have an earache or ear infection? Looking for an effective treatment? Take a look at my well proved selection of home remedies for ear infection.
Ear Wax Removal Tips - Removing Earwax
Do you want to get rid of ear wax at home? Find homemade ear wax removal tips about how to remove ear wax safely and quickly with home remedies.
Hangover Cures and Hangover Remedies
So, are you looking for good hangover cures and the best hangover remedies on the web? Find great cures for hangovers and listed all the hangover symptoms.
Head Lice Remedies and Hair Lice Home Treatment
Information about head lice, hair lice, lice pictures, symptoms of lice and head lice remedies. Are you interested how to get rid of head lice in a safe, all natural way?
Home Remedy for Head Lice
Do you have head lice? If so, you need a good home remedy for head lice. Are you interested in how to get rid of head louse in a safe, all natural way? Are you looking for information, pictures, treatment, home remedies... My Home Remedy for Head Lice that Work e-Book answers all your questions.
Nasal Irrigation
Have you ever heard about nasal irrigation and neti pot? They are very useful to cure and to prevent sinus infection.
Causes of Obesity
Do you know what are the causes of obesity? Research on obesity has revealed many causes of overweight related to human metabolism. Find here a reliable overweight calculator and facts about fast food obesity.
Oil Pulling
Have you ever heard about oil pulling? It is very useful to cure both toothache and gingivitis.
Pink Eye and Allergy Eye
Also called conjunctivitis or red eye - pink eye and allergy eye is a common eye disease. Conjunctivitis is one of the most frequent eye problems of the human eye.
What is Ringworm or Tinea?
Ringworm or ringworms, once thought to be an actual worm lurking beneath the skin, is a common fungal infection of the skin. What is ring worm or Tinea really?
Sinus Infection Home Remedies
Have you got a sinus infection? Don't know how to treat your sinusitis? Searching for natural treatments? My sinus infection home remedies will help you.
Home Remedies for Burns
Have you got a skin burn? Is it horrible painful? Act fast and find a couple of good old home remedies for burns and effective first aid burn treatments. Treating skin burns naturally is not too difficult indeed.
Sore Throat Remedy and Strep Throat Treatment
Are you looking for effective sore throat remedy? You will find great sore throat and strep throat treatment as well as time proved home remedies for sore throat and strep throat here.
Toothache Remedies and Toothache Relief
Do you have a toothache? Are you looking for effective toothache remedies and toothache relief? Just browse my well proved selection of home remedies for toothache.
Best Way to Lose Weight
What is the best way to lose weight? Find hot weight loss tips and the best weight loss food. Do you know why green tee helps to lose weight?
Yeast Infection
Do you need reliable home remedies for yeast infection? Take a look at my site and find the most effective home remedies for candida infection.
Home Remedies eBook Series
My patients used to ask me regularly for a comprehensive form of my advices and suggestions. So I decided to write a Home Remedies eBook Series which summaries all my effective and time-proved home remedies.
Ask Expert
Ask expert in area of Natural Medicine, like Homeopathy, Herbal remedies, Aromatherapy and Home remedies.
Your Story with Home Remedies
What is your story with home remedies? Have you experienced the benefits (or handicaps) of home remedies?
Home Remedies Resources
Home Remedies Resources: If you have a good quality health related page that you think would be valuable to the users of this site, simply fill out this form to add the page to our list of other resources.
My Story
Hello, I'm Christina and this is my story about me and natural home remedies.
Contact Me
Feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or questions about home remedies

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